What do you mean you haven't played Spore yet?
It is superduper brilliant! It's like playing with a funky animation tool, playing a blend of Populus The Beginning, Black & White, Settlers and Lylat Wars! (Perhaps not entirely accurate, because it is as far as I see it - fairly incomparable with anything on the gaming front).

Anyway - I loeeves it and I hope everyone reading this will (re)consider getting their copy of the game - if only to use the full Creature Creator tool! (The Creature Creator can be downloaded for free, but it doesn't give you the whole idea of the immense possibilites one has in this game).

Thumbs up for Spore, it gave me a positive surprise! We may only hope that Maxis will do an expansion for it, right? Oh! And I'll do screenshots of my creatures, especially the Shrimp. It is ighty good looking. Feels nice to catch up a bit with the blogging.


Calu said...

I looked forward to Spore myself, along with a mate, but once i heard about the three times install DRM i simply lost all interest! Why would they do that!?!

Tora said...

Yeah, I know! It's ridiculous! It's like we're only renting a game we paid lots of money for. It's not right.

Calu said...

yeah, and they said "we hear you" and there next launch, Red Alert 3, now has 5 installs, well thanks, you truly listened..

Guess I'm not playing that either..

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