Working out!

I'm playing with the camera on my flapflop, it is most amusing. But that's not the point of this post, the point is that I have now browsed countless websites in the hope that I would find out what to do with those spare hours of time in my weekly schedule I was hoping to exercise.

You see, I lack dicipline. There has been the rare occasion when I have been jogging a little, but that means me getting out of the house and often its cold - and Cleo, the lazy bastard, is horrible company. Seeing as she'd rather inhale the different scents in the ditches than keeping up with me. And then there's the bit where I don't actually manage to do it frequently enough to make it serve as a sustainable source of activity.

So I am giving in to the idea of working out at a "place". An idea I totally dislike, but that I probably have to swallow in the end. BUT - seeing as I am not very excited about doing aerobics with fifteen other mid-life crisis wives (that are usually my customers where I work), how about doing something unconventional? I am definitely up for both Yoga and Pilates, as I have done both before, and they're excellent for a good workout. (They aren't very unconventional anymore, though) - but Huladancing? Or DharmaDisco? Or Poledancing?! How about you vote, please? Let's sort this out.

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Audun said...

Try them all:) And consider other martial arts too, they differ a lot from each other.

Belly dancing and pole dancing sounds proper funkeh.

replica said...

Pole dancing, definitely.

Remember to post videos.

Kida said...

pole dancing! pole dancing!

Means the entertainment for my birthday is a sealed deal.


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