I really had the weirdest dream last night, or at least it made me seriously paranoid. In the dream, Sigrid (my sister) and my grandmother (farmor/"father's-mother") were over for breakfast, but during the whole time, a red laser kept pointing at me. As if someone were trying to snipe me down from our neighbours house. It was really scary, I had to hide all the time and beware of the windows. Creepy.

Midways in the dream, our neighbours (who are an elderly couple) left their house - which meant I was safe from their sniper. So I went outside to our other neighbours garden, and they had acquired a birdie (a huuuge one) with a red shovel for a face. And it was really friendly and affectionate.

Try to get any sense out of that.


Calu said...

This ones simple, your simply crazy. oh and your neighbour is out for your life and the other ones got a deform bird.

Foss said...

I've read several books on dream interpretation, so I think I'm qualified to help you here.

In the dream, your sister and farmor represent members of your family, namely your sister, Sigrid, and your grandmother on your father's side.

The laser pointer means there's a sniper in your neighbour's house, and he or she is trying to kill you.

And the bird with the shovel face? That's easy. It can be interpreted as your neighbours' new pet, which will in fact be a giant bird with a shovel for a face. Don't worry, though. It'll be very friendly.

I hope this helped you make sense of your dream. :)

Audun said...

*Your sister represents your family, the things in life you love and value. Your grandmother represents tradition and things that last.
*The laser is a warning, and the sniper is a symbol for a danger which is very great.
*The old couple leaving their house means that the threat will eventually go away.
The shovel-faced birdie symbolises protection, prosperity and the future.

Your dream means this: Your life, what you stand for and what you love is in great peril. However, there will be things warning you of the threat, and if you do you can avoid the danger long enough to make it go away. If you succeed, a happy future awaits.

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