Tryvann part II

Good lord, before and after shots. A little blurry it appears. Ooooh, but I'm still alive! Yay! Now here's what happened!
Okay, so seeing I was a little reduced, Elin and I didn't join our bus Drikkepress until around eight-ish. We drove around town, danced, bought some blue sweets, met a couple of other buses, Work It and Berserk, to name two. We then picked up some of the other Drikkepress girls and headed for Tryvann.

It was insane fog and lots of rain so it took a long time to get the bus up there safely. Whoever decided to throw a party up THERE? Of all places. We were stopped by the police when nearly there and had to fill our bus to the brim with other russ whos buses had broken down and such. Hmm. Well and then we got in to Tryvann and Elin bought popcorn and I bought a colourful twirly thing and we ran around to collect glowsticks. I think it rained all along, so we were probably soaked to bits, but nobody really cared.

In the end we were covered in glowsticks and assorted glowing bling-bling and we danced around and jumped up and down and it was wild. Awesome music. My legs hurt so much I thought I was going to split open, but I didn't. Luckily! We did meet Hugo and Martin and Ulrik and Hans Jørgen and Niclas I think and other people and at some point I was dancing around with a Saami flag. When one of the DJs were playing at the main stage the crowd kind of pushed me to the front and this guy picked me up and held me up above the crowd. Don't know if anyone noticed, it was wet and glowsticky and everyone were jumping superhigh. But it was ace anyway!

Around 2 AM-ish we headed to The Red Lion (which is another bus) and we listened to Hugo's ubercool song. Clicky clicky! And other stuffs, and I drew King Crab with sparkly markers on Hans Jørgen and raved for a bit. While raving I ended up in another bus called Prestige, where I met some lads from my school, but their music was really bad so I decided to get off - but they wouldn't let me! They closed the doors and blocked them and were getting ready to roll! EEP! I did yell at the guy until he let me off though.

Safely back at The Red Lion we danced around some more, played some more good music and then started to leave for the drop-off route. Like the different stops we had to make to let everyone off not too far away from home. The lights were off in the bus, so Elin and I kind of lit up the place with all the glowsticks, t'was funky. Ulrik then launched the idea of an afterparty, which was gratefully accepted, and we were dropped off by his place and danced some more! We had Cocoa Pops and did "The beetle that has rolled over on its back and is unable to get up again"-dance. Which kind of looked more like a "don't do drugs, kids" advert.

I think I danced the most really, even though I was in a lot of pain. Martin wrote "badger" on my arm, and then we drew shrimps on our russebukser to see who could do the best ones. Everybody danced tons though, and it was a most successful afterparty. Around 7:30 in the morning Thomas(?) and I were the only two still awake and still dancing(!), but we woke everyone else up and thanked for a lovely night and we all walked to the bus station.

Quite crudely I rung my stepmums doorbell and gave her my russecard and we said hello and we had Thomas in a shopping cart. While waiting for the bus we tried to get the cars passing by to honk their horns, but they didn't :( Some waved though! I then arrived safely home and died. Thank you, and good night.


Witchieboobs said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time. :)

And the shrimp was nice :p

Calu said...

As a non-licensed doctor i must say, Fucing insane going.. Im usually sleeping at around 3:00 AM, after Madlock!

No, sounds like you are going at it.. then again it is the thing you are going to remember for years to come.

Audun said...

Snoger time!

You look funkyfine.

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