(Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart).
I always feel like "Captcha" really says "Gotcha!". Especially the ones on MySpace. They are always really tricky because they're all on top of each other and they're hard to tell apart and there's letters and numbers mixed into each other as well, so it's virtually impossible to write down the correct combination.

Rather than having to do a captcha I think we should write down like five things we like.
  • Glass
  • Aerosol cans
  • Shoes
  • Music
  • Planes

And if you write down things like:

  • Dingo
  • Rust
  • Flaggpunsch
  • Tulips
  • Television

It wouldn't be approved, right? That's how it would work.

You can't like dingos, you can like dogs, but any exotic animal would just mean the person would actually have to be a bot using a dictionary. It's not normal to like dingos and list them as one of the top five things you like. And then there's rust. Nobody likes rust, it hardly tastes very nice, it doesn't look very nice. You can't even like the colour rust, it would be embracing the ginger breed, wouldn't it?

Then there's tulips, tulips are for people who don't understand that there's a world of flowers out there that are so much more beautiful, they just stick with tulips because they think they're classy. But nobody likes to receive tulips, it's like saying "I like you, but - I'm giving you tulips so you wont get any ideas". And don't get me started on the flaggpunsch. Also - television, nobody really likes it, it just sucks you in and slowly lets you vegetate while suffering through "Strictly Come Dancing" season 4, christmas edition - which you honestly don't want to watch, but there's just Rhianna over and over on all the music channels, while there's just one long commercial break on every channel until they do reruns of "The Weakest Link".

In other words, a "I-Like-ya" would be a more pleasurable way to sift the idiots and bots from the real humans, maybe you'd even be able to discover a thing or two about yourself. A captcha I'm sure will lead to nothing but an overload of anthrax from the DNA.


Foss said...

Tulips are too Dutch anyway. What you need is a... uuuh, I dunno. What was Jamontigo? Is he even still alive?

Tora said...

Here's what I wrote about Jamontigo.
(he's a Guzmania lingulata).

But I'm afraid he is not alive anymore. Must've been the horrible draft in this attic! Or I just over-watered it because I was afraid he'd die. Even though his species is much like a cactus of sorts.

But I didn't know that!!

Witchieboobs said...

I don't think it would be fair to deny someone to have dingos among the Top 5 Things I Like.

Myself, I would have written "Woodlouse" on that list. It would be... weird, but I actually love those insects. :D

Tora said...

You are probably a robot.

Audun said...

If there was a "I-Like-ya" check on this site, witchieboobs would probs not be able to post.

Other typical bot words would be things like "air". Everyone feels good about having air to breathe, but you never meet people that explicittly points out that they like air.

I think it's a great idea, foh reelz. Instead of the captcha image, you could get a list of 10 words, and you'd tick off the 5 words you like the most. Then the computer would decide if you had chosen bot things or human things.

I like red roses, just for the dark red colour. I suppose it's just because I'm not very good at flowers and stuph though. WTB herbalism.

Foss said...

OpenID uses something similar. When I signed up for it, I had to identify five images that interested me (I-like-ya style).

You can get an OpenID from Vidoop.

Searchgoogles for it!

Witchieboobs said...

I'm no robot! I just look like one.

Tope 5 Things I Like:

1. Woodlouse
2. Pineapple
3. Paper
4. Clocks
5. Music

Would that be approved?

Tora said...

I'm still not sure about woodlouse. And I think you need to be more specific about the paper. Is it toilet paper? Cardboard? Transfer paper? What colour?

And music is a typical robot answer, because everyone likes music - so it's too simple an answer to fake!

Pineapple and clocks however is approved.

Witchieboobs said...

I can't help it, I love those small, cute bugs.


1. Woodlouse
2. Pineapple
3. Brownish, old paper
4. Clocks
5. Awesome-style music that you can't help loving.

Now! That's a good list!

Audun said...

Nobody would list "bad music", or "music they can't be bothered listening to unless held at gun point", so it's still a robot answer.
You need a more definite genre, or a band or an artist.

Witchieboobs said...

Röyksopp... THAT would work. :P

Tora said...


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