At Work

The other day at work (when I had just finished stacking a particularily naughty set of teacups) I discovered yet again that there was nothing left to do. So I smashed some of the teacups, and I mopped them up, and wrote them down. And then I was bored again.
So I read all the cards, I read aaall the weddingcards, the birthdays, the friend and anniversary cards, the baby cards, the thank-you cards, the party!-cards and the cards with the cows (what occasion exactly, I'm not sure). Though after laughing at them I was bored yet again.

Then, I thought, why not look at all the napkins? So I did, and I was not amused. So it was back behind the counter again, and I looked darkly at the cashier and discovered that four minutes had passed since I last checked.

The only entertainment left was the people passing by, so I stood and looked at them and smiled at them. Suddenly a guy walked past, he was probably about my age and he was carrying a net of coke-bottles. The funny thing was that he was kind of lifting the net, while looking at his arm - to make sure he was flexing. And that made me laugh through the entire evening and the time just flew by everytime I thought about it.


Foss said...

I flex when lifting my graphics tablet pen thing. Constantly. And there's nothing to flex, but I do it anyway because I'm a man.


Witchieboobs said...

Your work sounds boring. Seriously. Though, cow-cards sounded fun. :o

Foss said...

My work is web design & development. It's a mixture of graphic design and coding various web languages. Sometimes it can be really dull (converting word documents to standards-compliant xhtml to put on our intranet, yawn) but most of the time it's pretty interesting.

And I get paid well.


*flex flex*

Witchieboobs said...

Foss, did anyone ever tell you that you flex way too much?

Calu said...

foss = Mochavest? (cant believe i can recall that guy!)

And i think every guy flees (subconciously?) every now and then, iv taken myself doing it more and more.. and like foss theres not much to flex..

Foss said...

Haha! Nah I'm not mochavest, I'm fitzniyslee, original GM of ze awesomes lowbieses.

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