Woot! I am still alive!

I can't walk though, that's a problem. But the pink glowstick is partly to blame for that. Someone just gave it to me, and it was so supercool I couldn't stop jumping up and down for hours on end. Also I had the weirdest dream about pears, I don't think I'm going to drink anymore pear cider for a while!

Obviously I'm a little tired seeing I came home six o'clock this morning. But chin up! (dirty) russ-suit back on and straight back up to Tryvann to party some more tonight. I'm slaughter tomorrow morning.

Edit: Oh! And we fixed the music for our buss! Yay! We got hold of double speakers and a mixtable at least! :D Not as grand as the one stolen, but significantly louder than without any sound at all.


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