In Norway we have the oddest tradition for our senior high school students. And actually, this tradition includes me this year!

Basically we dress up in red trousers(or blue/black/green depending on the subjects we're taking) and then drink and party for the better part of a month. This is called being a "russ", or having our "russetid" (russ-time). Usually our russetid lasts from May 1st to May 17th, though this year we start this friday (April 25th) and keep it going to the 17th. Yay!

So anyway. Like I said, this is tradition, which means a whole lot of strange things come with it. In addition to the trousers (which have our name and school-name on it (in addition to little drawings and jokes)) there's a hat that goes with it that has a very long string with a tassle at the end of it. Part of tradition is to do a lot of dares and if you do, you get to tie a knot or an item to the string. You have to have two other russ, three parents or a member of the russ-administrative board as a witness for it to be an approved knot. The dares varies from year to year, so I thought I'd show you some examples for this year:

§1 - KNOT
24 hours (86 400 seconds) without sleep
§5 - RULER
Sit underneath your desk an entire lesson
§8 - POPSICLE thingy (the stick that's left)
Go swimming outside before May 1st.
Drink a bottle of wine in 20 minutes (warning, health hazard)
Pay for an hour of parking downtown and occupy the lot with yourself and your three-wheeled bike
Do a speed-limit control using a hair dryer and a reflective vest in a 30 km/h zone
Rent a Postman Pat-film and have a sip each time he changes gear and jolts
Sit in a tree an hour before school starts
Fail your exams

If you happen to be Norwegian (or understand Norwegian) read them all here.

Anyway, there's loads more to it, but I'll just finish with a very famous russe - poem/song, that goes like this:

Chickelacke, chickelacke, show, show, show!
Bummelacke, bummelacke, bow, bow, bow!
Chickelacke, bummelacke, jazz bom bøh!
Julekake, julekake, hjembakt brød!


replica said...

Ah, this'll be so damn fun.

and to think of me having to wait a year. Gah! Wryyy.

Have a hellatime though, Lyapoos. And I'd be certainly interested in more blogging about this. ^^

Witchieboobs said...

Fun tradition. But it's a bit silly too, celebrating before you've actually passed the exams. :p

Kida said...

withieboobs.. du ær dom

there will be noo! kimsing of teh russetid

eller punktum.
Du bestemmer

Witchieboobs said...

Jeg finner meg ikke i den slags anklager! Jeg er ikke dum! 137 i IQ, så det så!

Og jeg bestemmer punktum.

Audun said...

Any knots for digging holes then? If not, please do the one with the tree.

Witchieboobs: As recently as today I met a person that probably had a high IQ but was still able to be a complete idiot. They seem to be growing in numbers really.

Foss said...

Blonde chick in the picture on the right?

Hot. At least from that angle.


Tora said...

I thought she looked kind of scary :(

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