Dead Mans Shoes

This is simply one insanely good film. This coming from me- spoiled to a point of ridicule after seeing so many films over the past few years. Almodovar and Ang Lee should be ashamed of themselves, they get knocked off their feet by Dead Mans Shoes director Shane Meadows (This is England) - from Staffordshire!

Right now I'm still blown away by Dead Mans Shoes (I don't think you should read about it) I think you should see it, you should see it, and then thank me - because this might be the best film you're going to see this year.

Looking for an "out-of-hollywood" original script experience? May I recommend these?
The elementary particles
The Other Side

But I still think you should see
Horton Hears a Who
Snakes on a Plane

Because you should!


Foss said...

I totally agree, Primer is awesome. I need to watch it again, though. I've only seen it once and was a bit drunk so I didn't take it all in. D'oh!

Witchieboobs said...

I don't have any of those movies at DVD. So I cannot watch them. :<

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