It's nice and sunny and kind of wonderful outside, and since I just happen to have absolutely nothing better to do - I decided to fall for someone.

This for several reasons - well one, it's spring, so it's all in the spirit of the season, and it's a nice thing to have on ones mind to make the time pass! Secondly, everyone else are already drooling excessively over the hunk working in the record store (just recently today I saw two of the girls from the supermarket blushing so darkly I could see it when just passing the record shop). And third.. er.. I have got nothing else to do. Obviously I have schoolwork, but none of it is due until next week - so I'm not even trying to get something done before the last minute. It just isn't my style.

Also, it was all coincidental so it was kind of sweet yet unexpected and that made it ever more delightful, right? And if you ever find out who it is (which I doubt, to be honest) you're probably going to make some sarcastic remark about him being tall and dark and slightly anemic. So to limit the entertainment you could get out of that - I have already told you what he looks like. Clever!

Well if you don't mind, I am not going to post anything interesting, I am just going to sit here and swoon about him and listen to that Sugababes song (which really isn't that good, but still catchy and I like it).


Witchieboobs said...

Awwwww, how cute. But is it really common to make sarcastic remarks about such things?


Witchieboobs said...

Oh, and the song wasn't really any good at all. :p

Audun said...

Damn you cleverer you Tora, think about all the well-written, quality jokes you ruined for us there!

WTS [Collection of jokes about Tora's taste in men]

500g, leather-bound edition.

Replica said...

Hey, me too! Well, except for the dark and anaemic part.

Love's making me all happy and fuzzy inside, and it's quite a rare feeling, and the weather's all nice and shit. Fantastic. :)

Tora said...

I'm so sorry about not deleting that comment earlier! It's done now, though :)

Witchieboobs said...

You mean... it was a bad link? :o

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