April - NABOF Month

April will be my NABOF month. Not Actually Blogging On Food month.

I have done some excessive research on my head. Which didn't honestly take a lot of time. But my conclusion is that I need to take my mind of things like that. I will attempt -- to for an entire month -- not blog about food. I might keep a post I will fill with my thoughts on food for later, but I will try not to. I mean, it's too much of an obsession, and I'm doubting that it's very interesting.

Actually speaking of danes I had to rescue a dane the other day, she had a horrible fall on her skiis and lost one of them. She kept rolling down the slope, so I had to do hit the brakes on my board and pick her ski up. Then when she'd stopped rolling I gave it back to her and helped her up. I don't think she understood me, our languages are slipping apart like a poorly stirred hollandaise. But either way she seemed grateful. Those danes have no business up in our mountains, the mountains are too dangerous for them! They should return to their levelled homeland and ride their bike to the bakery and have some pastry and beer. That's what I think they should do.


Witchieboobs said...

Danes are okay. As long as they don't speak Danish. 'cause that makes what they say incomprehensible.

And they can't be blamed for having a low-level land where they can ride bikes easily, it's not like they shaped the country like that themselves (or did they?). It's a bit like how we Norwegians escape to the warmth in Spain and places like that, when it's freezing here in our country.

But, fact is, danes speak danish. So they should just return to where people understand them.

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