Smile! SMILE!

I built a tower of coins!

This weekend's been blinking and great. I feel okay now, at least. We had tons of raclette on saturday, so during the night when I watched my cousin and brother play Super Mario Galaxy, I felt like a bloated taxidermy victim. At the most I walked around the kitchen in small, gentle, therepautic circles in an attempt to digest all that cheese. Gods.

At work on thursday my personal strategy was to be sure that every single customer I served left with a smile on their face. This because it's such a delight to make people smile and it seems everyone needs a bit cheering up these days. Whatever floats my boat, right? At least it makes the time pass - and we are not nice enough to each other in Norway, everyone is too busy looking at their own shoelaces to notice that there's other norwegians around. Horrible, it's like we totally failed on communication.

At least by the end of the day I was in such a great mood that it became irreversably contageous. It's a tough task trying to make people smile without being bothersome, you know. To safe it on the rougher ones, I talked about the weather. I love talking about the weather, didn't seem at all fake, no problem at all. One customer was in my shop for almost an hour just discussing cutlery with me, I don't think I've been that nice to a person in a very long time. She did buy cutlery for 3000,- kroners though, which wasn't my scheme really, just tried desperately to make her smile!

I made roasted chicken with pancetta and spring leek served with yorkshire pudding and a tomato/avodaco salad on friday. Best yorkshire pudding I've ever had, the only one I've ever had to be honest, so to be fair, not many to compare it with! It was Gordon Ramsay's recipe, delicious! Yeah, and I thought it was about time I made BBC Food a tag of its own. Mahaha!


Siggen said...

I think I want to make people smile too! It shouldnt be very hard though, at least I dont think it will be. I mean, people in Norway are used to shop clerks as miserable as themselves..

Witchieboobs said...

Really nice of you to make people smile! Maybe that's just what people need, people to make them smile! :)

And I think we Norwegians are awesome at communication that doesn't involve making other people smile, but rather the opposite. :p

Smylexx said...

Dolphins have a permanent grin on their faces. This is because we know something you don't and the waves tickle our blowholes.

Audun said...

I take LSD to smile.

Gets me through the day.

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