The boys are cooking

Alright, for once I'm actually kicking back and watching my brothers cook. I only just remembered why I never do it.

It's actually hopeless entertainment. They pick up everything and then put it back down - and only this very moment my older brother spent time just to see if he could attach a regular knife into the potato peeler.

Sights like this is enough to drive you insane, I actually have to tell them to stop throwing all the cheese to the rottweiller and attempt to add it to the food instead!

And of all complicated things, they're making nacho supreme.


We'll be needing a drink, they've started to cut things, with knives.

I just opened the fridge and I went "raaaaaaaarrrghhh".
My little brother looked up at me, and said: "Tora. Is this something I should be worried about?"


Siggen said...

ÅÅÅ skulle ønske jeg kunne være hjemme alene med dere denne helgen!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.

- Foss

Anonymous said...

Seriously! when your older sister comes sneaking up behind you, and yells "raaaaargh!" while you are looking in the fridge, You get f#¤% worried!

You go like: "Yeah, but it`s Tora!Shes crazy no matter what you say!"
Then I go like: "well, you have to admit that splashing water in your face and saying that it`s pee is not so normal...

Is it?

Posted by: "Little brother"

Audun said...

A fox was frying an egg
on a speed-boat
so he died.

Audun said...

Also, when you opened the fridge and went "raaaaaaaarrrghhh", did you open the fridge from inside?

Because that would be a bit worrying.

Calu said...

The splashing water part is perfectly normal, i mean i do it to my brother constantly.. and im as normal as they come.. right? right?

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