Top Ten Fabulous Tellybox Shows

1. Black Books

2. Green Wing

3. Mighty Boosh

4. Red Dwarf

5. South Park

6. Coupling

7. That 70’s Show

8. Nigella’s Kitchen

9. James Martin Sweet

10. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares


Witchieboobs said...

I agree with South Park and That 70's Show. But I'm surprised that you don't have Scrubs on the list!


Replica said...

The 70's show > everything else on that list.

Foss said...

Wrrraaaaoooonnnggg! The best shows aren't on the list (Brass Eye, The Day Today, Big Train). However, Black Books, Green Wing, Coupling and the Boosh all deserve to be right up there.

And possibly Gordon FUCKING Ramsay. I watched one of his FUCKING shows the other FUCKING night and it was FUCKING good.

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