Pepper Desert

Alongside the platform ran a white line – like someone had wanted to leave a mark, but had been carried away, drawn a line along the whole thing and before they knew it forgotten why they were even there and left. Because there were no lines anywhere else on the platform, just right there, by the edge.

A platform of this calibre was considered quite uncommon – though obviously, it did occur at times, like here for example. It was the entrance to the station known as Bronze Hairpyn, a delicate little bronze oasis set in the middle of the vast pepper desert. The Pepper-moose Expressway Tram Services had several stops in the pepper desert, this because moose have a distinct sense of smell that make them unable to sneeze – even when surrounded by entire oceans of pepper, and of course that people needed to get to places.

Moose have never been considered an ideal ingredient in transport, not even the Vikings rode them even in their time, because they have antlers and hunchbacks and they don’t know how to count, unlike horses, who can. But desperate times had called for desperate measures, even as desperate as these – when the cities of Alphybette and Slingalongtong had become important destinations for trade and tourism, seal clubbing and other hobby featuretta, a transport system across the desert had been essential.

“FFfzzzttt …. ---krrxxxzt-- … tzzap-kkrz- Tram number fourtheeen to Alphybetteh is noow –fzzt- approaching the plathform –xtzap— soh pleaseh stand back frohm ‘fzzzhh- white secyrity line –fzz- thank youuh”. A voice announced loudly and unprofessionally.

Bronze Hairpyn had once been an important pit stop for the giant haircrafts that delivered important goods and mail way cross the vastness of the country. This industry had more or less been taken over by the moose-trams, the trained moose pulling old, blue trams transversely over the pepper. But even so a few of the elder haircraft companies still remained and allowed passengers to transfer between a hairborne haircraft and a moose-tram depending on their final destination.

There were only two people waiting for the moose-tram today, they had come by Ryanhair from Buenos Haires and had now both taken a step back, to make sure they didn't cross the white line. One of them was a sweaty businessman from Spawnhog, he had a curly beard and a busy face and lots of other things, but I wont tell you seeing it really isn't important. The other passenger was a girl with the largest behind you have ever seen, she wasn't even wearing a lot of clothes.


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