I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection between being chubby and having an undying love for food. The time I don't watch BBC Food, work or attend classes at school, looking up definitions for words like "follicles" and "rainbow trout" on the internet - I eat. Mostly.

And also I'm starting to wonder if children of divorced parents are more likely to become fat than other children. Like today I got so carried away I had a double set of dinner and dessert!


In other news, hmm. There are very little news!


Witchieboobs said...

I think the reason for chubbiness is garden gnomes that inject fat into us while we sleep. Therefor I have a anti-gnome device set up by my bed.

However, kids of divorced parents are spoiled, and spoiled kids do what? Eat! Or am I confusing things here?

And Tora, it's totally natural to eat double set of dessert if you get the chance, everyone does that.

However... I love food... But however much I eat, I don't gain any weight! And that means, there cannot be a connection between love for food and chubbiness, right?

Smylexx said...

We both know that the only reason that you watch BBC Food is to see the lovely Nigella gently drizzling some honey or casually sucking her finger after making a creamy dessert or to listen to her say something like 'moist' or 'stiffen' or 'whipped'... or is that just me?

Tora said...

err. That's not entirely the reason,

but I am partially guilty.
Nigella is like our Princess Leia<3

Anonymous said...

I am an OpenID

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