Springy winter

I have heard several foreigners comment on the ridiculous beahviour of Norwegians many times. Some have been about alcohol, some have been about food, some have been about economy - and lots on tits. The most interesting, though have to be about our passionate relation to climate. Just a few weeks ago it was warm, mild and sunny, and getting ever so cheerful around here. People ran out of their house and tore their clothes off while embracing the day with such delightful energy. Just yesterday it started snowing, but everyone seemed caught up in keeping their warm clothes off.

It happens every year, you know. The weather is suddenly amazing, and then - next minute it's snowing! And bloody freezing as well. However, all the little children and the babies remain wrapped in their inconcievably thick layer of wool and plastic while tossing about on the frozen ground, munching snails while going "whablagabalagh!" Because they are always the last ones to be refused their scarves and mittens.

All us others will then probably (like last year) go out wearing close to nothing and get the flu for the second time. That's because we did the same thing during autumn - when we were still prancing around in bikini bottoms, wading through the crispy snow.

You obviously think we are stupid. But I'd beg to differ there, I think this is all in all a sweet and positive, though naive taking on the world. Change of season brings such delight to us, it's like sunlight in Bergen, or rain in the kalahari. Forecast says it will snow throughout the weekend, while as I plan on wearing a light summer dress.


Witchieboobs said...

I beg to differ: We ARE stupid.

To wear barely no clothes when it's cold outside just makes you go all sick and stuff. Which is silly. That's why you should wear wool and stuff until June.

And little children don't eat snails. They take a stick and pokes it and makes holes in it and splats it. At least I did when I was a kid. Great fun.

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