Happy Easter!

Hello you! I am off for a bit (I'm also off a bit, but you knew this) and I'll be back by Friday!

Now I'm sure I wont be missed I'm like only going away for a few days, BUT seeing I've been having the total written diarrhea the past month - I just wanted to ensure you weren't deluded to think my ramblings were delayed due to lag. I am actually out of town. Though who knows -- I might still catch a rare case of CRAZY again and attack the internet while I'm there, but hopefully I will not.

While I'm at it I'd like to say that you're LOUSY at commenting, and that this is upsetting, so you better shape up, because this is turning more and more into an uninteresting monologue. Yes, I am talking to you! Exactly. See my point? Stop interrupting. Heeh, yeeehs. Alright! That's it, I'm off! 

Bye bye byyee! And Happy Easter!

(I might write a review of the newest Röyksopp Album when I come back, if you want, because I've been listening to it a lot lately and I have opinions! I have opin-onions! Onions!).


Ulrik said...

Shape up, or ship out!

God påske! :)

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