Books and my Easter

I'm back from Molde! (I came home Friday actually, but I have been way too lazy to tell you here, anyway). On your left hand you can see some pictures I took while there, mostly from the car though, but still! Whoptidoo.

Today the weather was really depressing, gray and wet, slight seeping rain clouding everything in a hushed mask of cold. On the positive side, I just finished the last book in the Twilight series! That means I read all four of them, "Twilight", "New Moon", "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn". I kind of liked them, they were a nice escape from reality (which means they have accomplished the most important task of a book). In some way I have been able to immerse in them, especially the first book - which made me feel all swoony like I believed in love, which was really nice. Obviously I don't need books to feel like that right now, so despite of their apparent ability to make your heart skip beats with the romantic spirit of a fifteen year old - there isn't really a lot to mention.

I am unable to put my finger on why I couldn't seem to devour them with the same thirst toward the end of the series, as the rhythm in the text was pretty much the same. I think it has to be because they were very chick-flicky and also extremely black and white. The good guys were very good (too good) and the bad ones were very bad, like evil. I thought the depth and diversity of the characters wasn't very impressive in other words. But I'm not going to critizise it for that, this is romance for goths and girls - a task it accomplishes perfectly. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone with many literary monsters beneath their belt, this is easily digested and easily enjoyed - unless you let yourself be annoyed by it's naïve blindness.

With an ability to let the defects fall through and with a little restraint - it's been a great read! Stephenie Meyer's writing can be very captivating at times, really. So thank you for that, Steph.

Right now I'm listening to "The Escape" by Harry's Gym - great Norwegian band. They have an extremely diverse sound, and many comforting elements to their songs. Wonderful. Definitely recommended. I hope everyone had a happy easter, too. I sure did myself! Sigrid was home for a bit, lurvely - and I met a lot of funky people out on Friday at Nicholas'. I think I'm still full from all the delicious food I ate in Molde (curtesy of Helge's mother) and the weather's been quite nice, so I am expecting summer even more eagerly than before!


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