Time Wasters

Today I had it up to here with timewasters, even though I consider myself a patient person. A lifetime's experience with obnoxious siblings and excrutiatingly annoying parents have made me so tolerant, you could almost say I'm an idiot because of it. I am sure I am one of those girls that could end up in the wrong kind of relationship and find myself handled like a puppet, bound by strings of impeccable forbearance. Loving the most abusive bastard this side of the moon, shrugging off the maltreatment without even noticing.

But this hour my tolerance was put to the test yet again, and I surprised myself by for the first time actually cutting the crap and show backbone to yet another time wasting bastard that creeped into my store. This woman's been here often, in our work-description and company policy - we're always specifically told to take extra good care of returning customers. For obvious reasons. But this old lady always makes me want to kill myself. She always asks questions she already knows the answer to. Like she could ask"How much is this jug?" and I'd be handling another customer, yet she'd still be as rude as to divert me - wasting my other customers time as well. And I would strike a guess to make her shut up, like -"I think it costs about 199,-" and then return my attention to the right person in line again. She'd raise the jug towards me and say -"It says here it costs 219,-" and I can't make a rude retort! I'm trapped! I can't say; If you already knew, why did you even ask? You old hag, you are wasting everybody's time by inventing reasons for getting attention, now go away. -- Uh oh. No sir, I have to stand there helplessly and smile politely and say something like "Oh, that would be the correct price then, silly me."

But instead of commiting homicide - I just told her firmly that she'd have to wait until I was finished with my other customer. When she brought her items to the cashier sort of contemplatively and put them on the counter i ignored her for a bit. Because as per usual with time-wasters, no decision is made just because they give you the impression that they have. I looked sideways at her and asked if she was buying it, she gave me a long, unnecessary "Hmmmmmmmmm...." and touched her chin. I went off and started loading new arrivals from a carton while she was still pretending to be important. But it took half the time it usually takes for her to make a decision when she realized that I couldn't give less of a shit of what she was doing. So she said - slowly, of course "Hmm.. yees. I thi-ink I will take that one..."

I was quickly by her side, checked all the cognac glasses for flaws, removed the price tag and asked her if it was a gift. She pretended not to pay attention to me, so I just asked her a bit more sternly if she wanted me to giftwrap it. She continued to hover as if in a state of indecisiveness for almost a minute. I was about to ask again, but decided to just demonstratively put it in a plastic bag. Her eyes widened at me."It is a gift. Yes. You may wrap it up." She said then, when it was placed in front of her. So I patiently wrapped it and put it back in the bag and told her how much it would cost her. She was about to start a rant on something trivial, as if she was in doubt of if she had really made a good purchase or not. I said it was a good price, smiling all the time while tidying up behind the counter and keeping myself occupied. After several minutes she came through and handed me the money - slooowly, of course. I gave her her change back, said goodbye and went to do something else. Didn't even bother to stay for her curtain close grand hesitance finale.

I have just had enough with people Hmm..'ing and Hwmm...'ing to their hearts content while I have had to stand there and listen. I'm happily effective so you don't have to spend more time than you need to in this God forsaken store. But if you don't respect my time or at least be civil with me, I wont make an effort to make you feel like coming back. I am at work, your happiness is my priority - but that doesn't give you the right to force me to wait for your demented brain to take action. Not anymore. Sorry.

Oh. My --- I can't believe it! Guess who was just here?! Scissor man was here! Want to guess what he bought? He bought a pair of scissors. Hahaha! Seriously, I hope I am not supplying weapons to a serial killer...


Tempus said...

OOO work related drama :) always fun, all tho nobody will really understand just how much it means but yourself :)

Scissor man google picture hit number 1:


does he look like that? That would be awesome

Tora said...

HAha! Zomg, no. If he did, I'd tell him we were all sold out. Geeee! Scary.

And yeah I know, work related drama just confuse most people :( They don't understand!

Tempus said...

oh btw, here is a worthy time waster :)


It is afterall the best game in gaming history, the storyline is genious and the name says it all!

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