At the shop

He had big boots and a hat and a weird walk where he kind of kicked his feet out in front of him nonchalantly - yet determinedly. Oh! He just walked back in here. Hold on.

He bought another pair of scissors. Wow, I wonder what he needs them for. Anyway, this time he said; "They were so cheap". And I took his money and I said: -"Who are you going to kill?" And he smiled this time, actually I MIGHT have heard a giggle, but I can't be too sure. Because when he was here a few minutes ago and bought the first pair of scissors I said; "These are scissors +5 which means you'll be extra strong while wielding them." he said -"Ok." I don't know what he meant by that, but it surely didn't mean that he thought it was funny. Which I found annoying, of course.

I hate it when people wont smile. Yes it was a terrible joke, and I don't DEMAND anyone to laugh at my jokes, but general politeness and for the sake of good service I ALWAYS laugh at other people's jokes. It's perfectly normal. If you can't find it within yourself to lie at the expense of the boosting of others self-esteem, well I am sure that makes you a little arrogant.

And what worse day to be arrogant than valentines.

Nawh, two guys were just in and bought Valentine cards, they were the sweetest ever, they had flowers and they had shaved and they were so sweet. AAAAAW. And a guy just bought a card and I said "Aaahw, it's so sweet, everyone are buying valentine-cards, it's making me believe in humanity again!" He giggled and blushed and said; -"Experience made me do it." and I said -"Good luck with that!" as he left and he said thank you and he had a bouquet of roses in his arms.

Okay, sweetness overload. But really, it surprises me that people even consider other people these days, I keep thinking that nobody really cares about anyone and they are boicotting valentines because it is just a sales-trick. And that can mean two things, right? Either, they one; haven't realized it's a sales-trick, or two; don't care and rather think it is a great opportunity to show their love for someone. One would make me concerned, two would make me happy.

Happy valentines.


Anonymous said...

Happy valentines day!

I would send you flowers, but my planning failed, see you in June

From X

Smylexx said...

Little Miss Smy was taken on a romantic evening out with candles and french food and a huuuuge card which i spent hours drawing bunnies in and a little teddy and and and... ok, i'm exhausted.

I'm sending you a sausage and a small collection of spores and fungus.


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