I cut me own hair! YArrrhH!! And so now I look fashionable. At least I like to think that I do. WhOo! Forgive the cheezy and light slow-shutter images, but I found the "before" picture in a random folder, and it was a good example of how miserable my hair looked - plus, it was easy to take a new similar picture of how it turned out. Blah-bladi-blah!


replica said...

Oooh, fringes. I fucking love fringes.

Tora said...


I always wanted one!

Ulrik said...

looking good. Although it lookes like you're constantly afraid that your pc will turn into a ferocious monster and eat you alive :/

Anonymous said...

OO Selvgjort er velgjort.

Hmm, you even did it yourself! Pro.

Now, if you wanna be really fashionable, you need some huge glasses, i think, or something like that. hm


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