Memories of summer

Summer more than anything is standing in the shop right here and looking at the sunlight shining through the windows in the ceiling and having cold toes because I'm wearing flipflops - but really it is quite cold inside.

And on my way to work - and from work- I listened to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" album, and when at work i'd stand around, staring into nothing and drinking Twining's peach & Passion Fruit, fruit flavour infusion tea. That's pretty much (with a couple exceptions) how I spent last summer. And right now I am drinking that same tea and it reminded me of the summer.

It's snowing HEAPS, I really can't remember last time it snowed as much as it has now. It HAS to be some kind of record. Can't wait for the summer.
//Coco Chicken


Tink said...

Summer is nice. But I miss the snow! Can't believe I'm missing so much snow. gees.

Anonymous said...

Leste på Yr.no at det er målt største snødybde på 22 år i Oslo.
Her i Trondheim regner snøen bort..
Tante Bister

Tora said...

woo! Fresh statistikk! Takk kjære tante!
(og takk for lånet av din førstefødte - det var hyggelig!)

Anonymous said...

For å si det sånn;
Vi var glad for at dere kunne låne han en stund. Spesielt jeg var igrunnen ganske trett av hele gutten. :)
(godt å få han tilbake da)
Tante Bister

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