Ice ice baby

It is taking a hilarious amount of time to clear the streets of Oslo of snow. It has been snowing heaps and loads and there's still abundances in the streets. In addition it's been down to -16 C here. I beg to differ - I must insist that it must've been colder at some point, but according to the weather database - the coldest day in Oslo the last 30 days was February 12th (at -16 C). Obviously it's been way colder in northern Norway where the current record is around -34 C on February 8th in Karasjok. Brrr!

Despite a few erratic blinks of sunlight that have caused some snow to melt - it has pretty much been freezing for months. The problem with this is of course that the amounts of melted snow turns into ice and the streets into slippery slides of death. Now take this shiny, black layer of cold death and sift a thin layer of dry, white snow over it - the result is teeth crushing and cranium bashing. Really. It is so dangerous. Not to mention the icicles that hang like piercing, frozen needles above the sidewalks - ready to split a face in two. Just a few days ago a woman was actually struck by one and was sent to the hospital. She got away with a lesser cut in her head, and was luckily not seriously damaged. Firemen are clearing roofs of icicles and snow - meanwhile, most of the snowed down sidewalks are secured and therefore only half their usual width.
I saw the icecream van today. Isbilen.
And I wonder what on earth it is doing here.


Ulrik said...

It's selling ice cream obviously. DUH! Haven't you ever eaten a giant bowl of really good ice cream midwinter in front of the fireplace? With warm berries on top. MMmmm. Ice cream all year round I say!

But yeah, fuck this season. gief spring

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