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I don't know why, I think it might be the cold or the dark or-- actually I can't seem to find any logical explanation. But I think I get hungrier a whole lot more often than what I used to. Food has become more of a routine in the mornings (even though I enjoy toast a lot) but I usually eat it without even being hungry. And in a way I know that that's ridiculous, but I do also collapse (not literally) if I don't get any food from the beginning of the day.

I think I have developed an unhealthy relationship and attitude towards food. Don't get me wrong, no - I love cooking, I love smelling, tasting, eating -- I love the atmosphere of dining and enjoying good food with good company. But on the other hand I also eat too much. I don't know why. Could be anything, just hopefully not dangerous.

It bothers me a lot that the western world can be confronted with issues like this. I am a spoiled idiot from the upper side of town in one of the richest countries in the world - and I worry about whether I am eating too much? Hah! Such arrogance. And I can see this point of view so clearly - I do! The world is starving! But my life is in a safe bubble far up north where my concerns lie between me, and this biscuit.

I drew this in paint.NET - I like the spotted bird!


Audun said...

As the saying goes, some people live to eat, others eat to live.

You seem to have the opposite problem of me. You just eat for no specific reason, while you should eat less (at least according to yourself). I should eat more, I just don't. I'm just not hungry, and I get full really quick. Maybe it's just a question of practice, I don't know.

Tink said...

They did a test to see if women thought about sex as much as men did, and they didn't. Women mostly think about food and and how to lose weight.
so typical

but yes, i too think eating got something to do with the temperature, cause it's really hot and moist here, and i (surprisingly) can't bother to eat most of the time. Only fruit and smoothies. nam nam

Anonymous said...

Hmm, food it good tho! i have very unhealthy eating habbits down here in australia, its very random when i eat and how much! So sometimes i can go the whole day without eating, and others stuff my face full the whole day.. Hmm, and all the food is rather unhealthy aswell :P

Stopped eating chocolate and stuff down here tho, its soo expensive! So now i think its too sweet :S thats a baad thing.

Hans - too lazy to logg in

Tora said...

Well everyone knows that only Norwegian chocolate is worth eating!


Anonymous said...

That is totally true! Chocolate here sucks :P I eat alot of icecream tho, NAM NAM but, then again, I allways eat alot of icecream :D

Anonymous said...

Mystery man over is actually ME, Hans Joergen! WAAA i ruined the tension :O

Tora said...

As if I didn't know the person saying "chocolate here" (meaning somewhere that's not Norway)together with "icecream (...) NAM NAM" was you! :D

Special thanks to Captain Obvious(tm)!

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