I feel a little left behind at the moment. It is like my eccentric personality has finally caught up with me in the end. Obviously I do not perceive it as punishment, as I am sure - if I wanted to know everyone I would know them now. But that's not the case. Everyone I DO know however, or most of them are -as you might be one of them, or at least know who they are - away for one reason or the other. And I have no problem with that, because that's not the problem. The problem is that I am not away. I am stuck here with all the snow, and I suddenly realize that I don't have anyone to play with!

In a way I have chosen my friends with a little too much care, perhaps. So now I am left eating too much food and watching American Idol - listen to Ye Meera Divanapan Hai over and over and similar activites. Like reading three massive novels in less than a month. I get to read a lot now that I don't have any friends! Right now I am reading both Cosa Nostra and the first Twilight book at the same time. Splendid. All the spare time even got me back into writing!

No really. Come home.


Tink said...

Jammen Tora! jeg savner deg. Det er ingen her til å dra meg ut av sofaen etter armen

Tempus said...

Shit det bilde er saa koselig! Det hang i leilgiheten min. Nå har vi flyttet ut av den, så nå skal jeg ikke bo fast til jeg kjem heim. Så tenkisk sett er jeg allerede på vei hjem. Jeg savner deg og! Eivind stinker (MOHAHAH, faktisk går vi bra overens). MEN nå er det bare 3 månder og noen dager til jeg sitter på flyet hjem!

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