Vertical search

Wikipedia says:
"Vertical search, or domain-specific search, part of a larger sub-grouping known
as "specialized" search, is a relatively new tier in the Internet search,
industry consisting of search engines that focus on specific slices of content.
The type of content in special focus may be based on topicality or information
type. For example, a medical search engine would clearly be specialized in terms
of its topical focus, whereas a video search engine would seek out results
within content that is in a video format. So vertical search may focus on all
manner of differentiating criteria, such as particular locations, multimedia
object types and so on."
Internet contains so much random information that the most common way to find what you are looking for is by using various search engines. While as some engines simply plough through the masses and gives you results from all kinds of sources -it has now become more common to create search engines tailored to your needs.

Audun told me about Pipl, which is a search engine specialized for finding people on the internet. But my favourite vertical search engines are the engines that specialize in questions. That way, I can always be pretty sure to find exactly what I'm looking for. The ones I like best are http://www.querycat.com/, http://www.ask.com/ and http://www.snappyfingers.com/

I just thought I should mention as the job of sorting all the shit on interspace has turned out to be an incredibly massive task.


Audun said...

Yes, I agree! Search engines are like the librarians in a big library. The question is rarely whether the information you need is on the internet or not, but where. So it's all about getting a good librarian to help you find it.


Audun said...

Right click and choose Save As (or whatever) on this link to download the new Datarock song. Legally:)

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