Paranoia! Panic!

I am intruigingly composed considering it's Friday the 13th today. While as I might normally come off as a calm, down to earth - peaceful person, I can in truth become superstitious at times. Even I can! I know, even I!

Cats are adorable, but I don't understand their body language any more than I can read klingon (sadly, I don't know how to). So when someone tell me that a dark, untameable animal with a vicious mind means bad luck when crossing the road from the left on a Thursday evening in Chester - I might believe it. You know. Why not? But if I get another one of those annoying retorts that the eight-legged monsters bring luck-- I'll snap like an electrified clam.

Actually I did break a mirror once. Sometime way back in my childhood, I can't quite recall any details. But I remember blaming that mirror whenever something bad happened later. But that must be a lot more than seven years ago- so now I blame the Chinese. They didn't do it, they didn't cause it to happen. But it's their fault. You see? Blaming someone for an unfortunate incident will make you feel better. It might momentarily relieve you of negative represalia from people you might have offended, but for the reference-- probably wont keep you out of jail.

You know, right - CSI got eyes everywhere.

Today, in the western world, bad luck means something completely different from what it meant back in the day. I suppose the word "luck" is abused to some extent. While as your wife dying in labour, crops failing, well drying up, kids getting the plague and you getting stabbed by a troubadour could be "bad luck" during the middle ages. Missing the bus, spilling coffee or maybe even just tripping over deserves the title of misfortune these days. I know this is an exaggeration, but -- you know- we pretty much abuse every word we use! Especially the word "tired".

But that's not what this post is about, this post is about panic! So, my advice to you is simply to forget what day it is today and pretend like everything going terribly wrong is just a coincidence. Works for me!

Don't Freak Out™.

I am at work, I might collapse from boredom.


Ulrik said...

I can't seem to find Pok's name in this post, which is a shame! because blaming the chinese is racist. blaming Pok is just a mechanism of the universe.

yes I spam tonight. A little bored

Hans! said...

HAI ulrik, whatup?

Btw, I am sitting in a hairsaloon in China town waiting for eivind to get his hair cut and washed for 85 kr. We were offered free drinks earlier, we use fre internet while waiting AND they have one guy just brushing the hair off your face while you are being cut...

If you want me to blame someone spesific here, i have plenty to choose from. But think theese guys are mainly Korean, so better go next door or something :P

Yesterday we were lucky imo, they had preformance art on The art factory!( ㄻㄴㄲㄹㄹ쑌ㅊㅎㅆㄸㄸㄸㄲ땄ㅆ씰얘 닝리어ㅒㅣ떠뗴ㅒ껴띰ㄴ임ㄴㄹㄴ얜른임니ㅏㄹㅎOops turned on korean keyboard, or think it is) (Fart Factory) Witch we had to see before we left Sydney.. hmm, fun fun

PS: ㅒ이 너ㅢ꼐윽

mischief said...

Personally I think that the Chinese are responsible for most bad luck. But then I'm Vietnamese, so I guess I have an excuse

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