What's new? Poodle-ooH!

It's getting so green outside so quickly! All the leaves are popping out as if they have nothing better to do. I couldn't possibly be more uninspired at the moment, but I figured that if I forced myself to update - maybe I'd think of something to write as I went along. But I think I was wrong, unfortunately. 

The only thing that's new is really that we are expecting our second dog soon! Cleo is getting older now and we wanted her personality to rub off on the next dog before she passes on. Seeing as Cleo is completely confused when it comes to the seasons - she pretty much shakes off her fur in big balls the whole year around. Unecessary to say this has required some intense vacuuming to prevent getting a black wall to wall carpet in our house. So we decided to get a poodle this time! A black one. Because as you may know they have hair instead of fur so we wont have that immensely "hairy" issue as we have had for the past ten years. And it's also my responsibility to cut the poodle's hair! whEEE!


We haven't thought of a name yet, it's a girl - so if you have any suggestions, please pop it in the comments box that is now (confusingly) on top of each blog post. Oh, and I found some wondrous images of various poodle haircuts, take a look:

I just thought this one was so cute that I had to put it here, too.


Foss said...

I always thought Sasha was a good name for a girl dog. Or Exhaustpipeface.

Foss said...

But never Jamontigo. That's not for dogs!

Sigrid Margrethe SchrĂždter Teig said...

I like Axel's suggestion:
To accompany Cleo, go for Tut-Ankh-Amon, short: "Tutta"!

Tora said...

Well yes, but absolutely no! I only think of that golf player and I'm not having it!

Anonymous said...

Just name her Voff!

Anonymous said...

How about Tara, think it means star in sanskrit or something, which is interesting to know right?

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