I am SO sorry my fizzy little creamcup. I just realized I used to try to be funny when I blogged, but it appears I've been having such a good time lately (13 days since last unhappy moment) that I must have completely forgotten. This might (in my defense) be due to the fact that I can have subconciously realized that I was never funny to begin with. Hm. But then I am confused above average today.

As a matter of fact my brain feels like an overswollen sponge right now, like dripping with oily cheese sweat - I forget everything and ram into more corners than I usually do. This did feel particularily risky when at work, obviously - seeing there's a lot of glass and old ladies and other easily breakable objects. Luckily I still have both kneecaps though, at least it feels like I do.

Right now I could right fancy some springrolls, I haven't had that in aaages, and she really meant ages. I'd like to have dimples when I smile too, it looks so gorgeous, but unfortunately the closest I get is having them on my lower back. But ooh! Scary old man in trenchcoat just passed me by, he usually buys loads of sweets in the shop - which looks incredibly conspicous if I may say so myself. But hopefully he isn't fishing for little kids, he has hopefully just an incredible sweet tooth. Though maybe you'd be very naïve to think that.


Anonymous said...

Ny hund? Kult, ble det en liten en eller? Naar? Har dere navn?

-too lazy too log in, hans

Tora said...

Det blir en puddel! Storpuddel. Men vi har ikke noe navn enda, nei :S

Noen ideer?

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