The obvious "if"

I would have got an A, if I got all my answers right.
I would have had long nails, if they didn't break so easy.
I would have had long hair, if I didn't cut it.
I would have been there, if I wasn't late.
He would still be alive, if I didn't kill him.
I could get there easily, if I knew the way there.
I would have known who he was, if I'd met him before.
I would have known the words, if I'd heard the song before.
I would have done it, if I did.
I would have been warm, if I wore more clothes.

I would have been smarter, if I was more intelligent.
Keiko would still be alive, if he didn't die.
McDonalds wouldn't get you fat, if the food wasn't so unhealthy.
The floor wouldn't have been so fucking cold, if I didn't live in an igloo.

I would be a happy person, if I lived somewhere it wasn't fucking freezing.



Foss said...

If I wasn't hungry, I wouldn't have to go and buy food

Kida said...

Rikke..! hm hm halloooo

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