Fun - two in one

When we first moved here, my sister Sigrid ("seierfager", "victorious beauty") got the job babysitting a small infant boy. He is a lone child that lives alone with his mother, a really warm and adorable child. By the time he was about four - my sister no longer had the opportunity to babysit, and so I inherited the pleasure.

He is in third grade now, a lively little thing, and though I no longer cook and care for him once a week - there are the sporadic nights when I have to step in. Like tonight for example. We draw, play with gogo's, pokémons, bayblades, do his homework and things like that. This one time we made a volcano out of paper marche filled with red paint which he liked so much he kept it underneath a chair for the better part of a year. He makes sure to remind me of it occasionally.

Today he helped me clean the table and stack the dishes into the dishwasher, then completely out of nowhere he runs over to the cupboard and returns with a bag of washing powder. He looks at it excitedly then kind of deflates and goes back with it. And I'm like
"What was that all about?"
- "It was the wrong brand" he goes. And so I ask him
- "What kind of brand would you prefer then?"
- "It has to be 'Fun - two in one'." He says, with very little doubt.
"They say it is the best one they've ever made". At this I start laughing at him, and he looks puzzled.
"What? Why are you laughing? What is so funny?". I tell him it's funny that he knows these things, but he shrugs like these are things that everyone know.

Later on we're watching a Norwegian reality show about people trapped at a farm and forced to cooperate, bla bla bla. But as one of the contestants is leaving I turn around to find him in tears. But he says
"Ooh, my face has gone all--" and he rubs his eyes. I hug him and he mumbles.
During the commercial break they show an advertisement for a dishwasher detergent and I ask him if that's the one he wants, because it's blue and sploshy and really impressive. The old food is kind of blown off the diningware in foamy, crystalline explosions. But he quickly corrects me
"No, Tora. That is 'Finish powerball', it's not the same thing!" When the ad for 'Fun - two in one' finally appears, I understand he is convinced, and he kind of nods at me, like 'I-told-you-so'. And he did, so - fair enough!


Witchieboobs said...

I remember I used to play with Gogos in primary school. It was fun, wish I still had my collection, but sadly they are thrown away long ago.

And amazingly, I think that kid might know more than me about stuff like dishwashers, washing powder etc. Is it me that sucks or he that is awesome? >.>

Tora said...

Hmm. yeah.

Audun said...

I just had an actual look at the rabbit picture. I think it is ridicoulusly funny.

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