Buksedress - Jumpsuit

Today I did the odd purchase of a Diesel jumpsuit (buksedress).

I haven't been able to locate the English word for this particular piece of clothing. But my sister managed. She is sick at the moment, so I assume she simply doesn't have much else to do! :D Get well soon!

A jumpsuit is like a wholepiece top and trousers/jeans in one.

An evil return from the 70's and 80's.

I googled it and I found a picture of the Giardia bacteria.
Hmm. Strange!

Look I added a picture! But mine doesn't look much like that <_<


Witchieboobs said...

Do you look good in it, though? :P

Foss said...

She looks good in everything.

And she knows it :p

Foss said...

I think the closest we'd have are dungarees. A picture would have helped me come up with an English word for it. If you did include a picture in your post, it's not working for me. I am at work, though, where they block the most innocent of sites.

Once we had a teenager that wanted to move to Scunthorpe, but couldn't get to the Scunthorpe careers website because it has "cunt" in the name. Grrr...

Siggen said...


Foss said...


Tora said...


That's the one!
Close to a rompersuit, but I don't think I can fit diapers in it. :D

Foss said...

Yes you can. You have pockets, don't you?

"I got some new pyjamas with pockets in... Which is great, because before, I used to have to hold stuff while I slept." - Demetri Martin

Witchieboobs said...

lol, Foss, that must be the best quote I've ever seen :D

Foss said...

Glad you liked it :)

Search for Demetri Martin on youtube. The guy is a comedy genius. And a Mensa genius too, actually!

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