Do us Justice

Justice did a great concert, it completely took off. On our way in to the concert hall, they have to check us for bottles and things like that. And the guy that was checking me - quickly grabbed Elin as well and told the other guy "You wish".
That made us laugh.
In other news, I lost my phone, so if I'm not picking up - it's because I don't have it. I might need your number, but don't worry - don't call me, I'll call you.

Today I have been remotely fragile, slept for way too long, watched Pride & Prejudice (a common, hungover practice) and I have baked Harry Potter muffins. Mhmh! I cheated and added extra sprinkles, though according to The Laws of Cupcake, Cream & Muffins §234 it is allowed to add extra decoration if it is beneficial for the end result. See? There. Anyway, they were good, I recommend them. Then I had vietnamese dinner with my stepmum, dad and stepsister, Kristin. Lættis. It was delicious.

Right now I am adding nailpolish and listening to Massive Attack - a low-key and comfortable ending to a not very eventful day. Also, the dog next door keeps running off into our garden to play with Cleo. He presses his big nose against the verandah door and cries until we open up. He's adorable.


Audun said...

Liv Elin is a vampIIIre. Fact.

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