This is what I have been doingz

Edit: And I don't suppose there really is a point in asking me whatever this means, or if there is actually any sense in any of it. Because as far as I know - there isn't. The point was to draw something heavy. And I did.


Mab said...

You draw a hot pair of boobs. I think you should start a hentai blog. I'd be a regular!

I call dibs on the right one.

One day she'll be a real girl :<

Witchieboobs said...

It became better now that you have colored it too :o
(And don't start a hentai blog, that's just weird :P)

Audun said...

Redhead's mine then.

Gogo Pinocchio

Kida said...

Does that mean I can have the little wee birdy??!?!

Witchieboobs said...

Woot, that means I'm stuck with her on the left... Or the man... But I choose her on the left >.>

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