We finally got Stardust on DVD, which was about bloody time. Not having it has been bothering me for a long while, and I enjoyed devouring it for the fourth time yesterday!

Hopefully I can see it once every night, and then maybe I can see it twice sometimes so I get some nights to watch BBC Food, and I mean like seriously. Gordon Ramsay and Tamsins Great British Classics, Mike Robinson, and obviously - the legend - Keith Floyd.

I'll have to fit Stardust in whenever "Coxon Cooks" is on, because the name of the show is pronounced too similar to "Cocks and Cooks" - which is different. Maybe it is like chicken and livestock cooking puddings. I don't know, the woody sound of the theme jingle makes my heart shrink.

Whooooooooh! I don't understand how it's possible to survive without James Martin's - "Sweet", he's on tonight actually, doing a show about celebration cakes. Wicked.
Edit: Oh, yes, if you'd like to see James Martin it's on at 19:20!


Witchieboobs said...

I kinda want to see that movie, it's rated high on IMDB :P

And what about us that now really wanna see the show about celebration cakes, but don't have BBC Food?! It's like stabbing me in the heart! With an old, rusty knife probably used to slice up rotting old fish by the smell of it!

Foss said...

BBC iPlayer - making the unmissable, unmissable. :)

Witchieboobs said...

But it's only for UK... Means I can't use it unless I find a way to fake my IP :<

Foss said...

What, via some sort of proxy or something? Hmm, if only there were ways... :p

Witchieboobs said...

Streaming through proxies is teh shite ;)

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