Off to the mountains!

It appears it's Winter Holiday here again. Can't wait to see some snow and go snowboarding and go four days without a proper shower, eat more than I can handle, get my buttocks decently frozen when going to the cold toilet, play board games, have so cold feet that it feels like my nails crack, possibly go snow-blind and then fall over and get snow like really far up my sinuses.

It will be fan-thas-tic! Absolutely.

Dad is picking me up after school and then we'll zoom off. Problem is that I am getting kind of excited so the day is snaaailing away, and I've only been to school for two hours. Feels more like five hours already!

In Oslo the only snow that's left is the sad gray remnants - with the texture of cold, badly burnt cheese. All crispy and black.

The eskimos are said to have a lot of words for snow, and I realized that us Norwegians probably have a lot too! To makes sure we didn't cheat, I tried to narrow it down to the words that concerns a state of snow, and that could only be used when talking about snow. Still there are a few that might be used about other things - but they were important so I had to include them.
I've asked and searched around, here are the ones I found:

1. Snø - Snow.
2. Skaresnø - Snow with a thin layer of frozen snow on top.
3. Snøfonn - Large pile of snow.
4. Nysnø - New snow (first snow of the year, etc)
5. Snø føyk - Windy snowfall, snow everywhere, but not necessarily a storm.
6. Pudder snø - Powder Snow.
7. Kram snø - Mouldable snow, often when a bit warm.
8. Slaps - Wet, runny snow on the ground.
9. Sludd - Wet snow coming from the sky.
10. Sørpe - Snow slush on the ground.
11. Snøhære - Light, thin snowfall
12. Borr - Snow that is grainy
13. Kladd(e)/Klabb(e) snø - Snow that sticks to things (Like skis).
14. Bresnø - Glacier snow.
15. Snøfar - A track of snow
16. Snøbrudd - Snow "breaking off"/falling from the treetops.
17. Lave ned - "Tumbling/falling" down. (Masses of snow from the sky).
18. Snøkreist - Snow flying and blowing everywhere.
19. Mjell snø - Snow that is light and dry, the opposite of kram.
20. Firn/Fjorårssnø - Snow that has been there for years. (Word borrowed from German)
21. Jøkleføre - Newsnow with skare-snow on top.
22. Snøkrimsel - Almost invisible layer of snow.
23. Raunsveig - Snow on the tree branches.
24. Nedsnødd - Snowed down, snowed under.
25. Djupsnø - Deep snow.

Did I forget any?


Audun said...

Oooh, I didn't even know half of those words.

Have a nice holiday!

Mab said...

I'll have a jøkleføre and a side dish of borr, thanks!

Witchieboobs said...

Amazing... I did not know there was that many words for snow.

Hope you'll have it fun up there at the mountain! I'll be stuck at home in the vacation, no mountains for me :<

Audun said...

Oh, and as a sociological project, try out the dreadfully annoying 'name-response' while you're up there. (Liek, when people say your name because they want to talk to you, reply by saying their name. It IS awesome.)

You'll probably have to sleep outside the cabin for the last few days of the stay, but it'll be worth it.

Witchieboobs said...

Haha, Audun, don't make her ruin her stay up there ;)

Witchieboobs said...

Oh, and make sure you get pictures or video of everytime you "tryner" at snowboard! It's so fun! :P

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