Second Life

For some bizarre reason I found myself watching this video. It's a short machinima commercial about global public relation space in the virtual world. I mean, it's a revolutionary idea, companies are able to openly communicate with their clients and customers. You are able to extend the virtual environment to whatever facilities you need to provide an impressive showcase for conferences, events, training sessions or any kind of communication that works virtually. Complete with a powerpoint.

It's another collaboration idea, it's efficient, eco-friendly and fun. Those are my thoughts about it. Basically it will be about using a "gaming" environment to provide interesting connections between customers and producers - it's a second life enhancing the first.

This is already happening, and not just with the Text100 Island, think of the Apple Store in SL, and the like. What this is, is diversifying and virtually materializing the idea of Web2.0 (users collaborate and create the content on the web). Imagine this connected to a VR (Virtual Reality) engine, and with the already active video- and phone-conference plugins, it is possible to reinstate a pixelmade avatar as an actual representation of a lecturer, and create a dynamic and interesting learning environment.

There are already 20 million user accounts on Second Life (though not all of these are active players, obviously). But why stop there? It doesn't have to be Second Life. Any similar platform could serve with the same purpose, it is just that at the time being, SL serves as the most customizable MMO and is therefore more suited, this is obviously because it's a social platform on so many more levels than the usual game, it's more flexible in its real life connections. But to create something similar - more userfriendly, improved graphics, drives - could be interesting!

I think it would be ridiculous to think that this is anything less than interesting.


Witchieboobs said...

So, soon everything will turn digital? I bet we'll end up like in the Matrix, where we live connected to the virtual world! :P

Audun said...

I like the environmental part.

They should probably enforce use of such programs. Or at least encourage its use in a very socialistic way. (read: enforce)

Just think about all the people flying back and forth between Bergen, Oslo and Trondhjem, just to attending a meeting. More virtual meetings should be very ecological indeed! And as a free perk, meetings wouldn't be delayed by snowed-down airports and such.

And it would be really cool to use for deciding on vacations! You could visit the place virtually and see what you thought about it.

Construction business could use it too. You meet the construction company, plan your house with them, then they create it in a virtual world for you to have a look.

And I'm sure there's lots more potential too it as well. Maybe you could even use it for some kind of game. On the internets. That would be crazy.

Foss said...

You mention better graphics - they're already working on Windlight, which is an updated gfx engine for second life. It looks very nice, oh yes.

I'd like to see a cross between second life, facebook, WoW and Netvibes. The second life part would be the virtual world where you can interact with whoever the fuck you want; the WoW part would be a fun and addictive game withing it; the facebook part would be your own home, where the others can visit you and learn more about you; and the netvibes part would be your bedroom, where all your news and updates can be viewed on your virtual TV or noticeboard.

It probably already exists somewhere, maybe in beta.

It should be called Fossisfuckingawesomeworld.

Tora said...

Bit of a long name, but easy to remember!

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