It's become really bad around Oslo, well not in my neighbourhood, but like downtown. And it's not as if it's happened all of a sudden, it's been a gradual change most likely encouraged by the Police's action against a particular area that used to be the "home" of a lot of drug abusers. They chased them all out of there without letting them have somewhere else to stay - so they semi-moved closer to the city centre and the main street in Oslo. Our Champs-Elysées, Karl Johan, which is ironically named after a Swede that was king here once. And we don't even like the Swedes!
But anyway, on topic on Oslo city. There's beggers everywhere, mostly from eastern europe - there's a league behind it, so the old women and the "cripples" that are begging for money never really get much of it. Not that I ever give them any - they should learn Norwegian and get a job, and/or an education instead. Living like that is so humiliating, and it's uncomfortable to be around them. Begging in the streets of this shitcold place! Are they out of their heads?

Some of them sell roses and things - though really aggressively. It's hard to get rid of them unless you're being straightforward. And then there's a lot of african prostitutes, they're short and quite beautiful -but they're everywhere, including the main street and some are very suggestive towards men. Most of them aren't here legally, and a lot of it is forced prostitution. So it's not good to go with them either, even though you feel sorry for them where they stand around - all packed in layers of clothes. Then there's all the drugs everywhere, people getting mugged and stuff. It really isn't good enough. It's not particularly tempting to go around downtown alone. I'm not afraid of anything, but all the Oslo'ians seem to have been set back a little.

Many big cities have it like this and can still function safely, the difference is that there isn't much room here - so when we get all these crooks in here at once, it suddenly fills up, doesn't it?


Audun said...

Noes. I posted a looooong comment, and now it's gone. /sniffle.

Tora said...

rewrite it :(

Audun said...

A lot of the beggars are rumenian "work immigrants". They pay money to travel here and stay here for a set amount of weeks and earn money by begging. Or so says my brother, Mr Music.

I wouldn't mind the hookers if they probably werent trafficking victims and were so annoying. If people really want to sell themselves, let them. And as you said, they ARE pretty to look at:)

I never give money to beggars either, since I can't be bothered to decide which of them I feel deserve money. I don't really think "foreign beggars" should be allowed, we can't solve all the problems in the world, and as you said, there certainly is a lot of "riff-raff" down-town already.
But they sometimes collect money for the poor in Oslo in Torggata ("Market Street"). I give some spare change to those, then I'll know the money will come to good, intended use.

I suppose it's weird to enjoy having prostitutes around, if it weren't for mentioned reasons. The cell-phone sellers are allowed to stay there, and they are really annoying, and they just want you for your money, and they might have STDs for all we know, and they're not even pretty.

But if weren't for such and that and if and then, the pope would be a horse, with no spoon.

I think that's about the same as what I tried to write.

Witchieboobs said...

Agree with it all. Luckily they are gonna make it illegal to beg at the streets like they do now.

And that photo, those women look very similar to the ones we saw at Saturday :P

Tora said...

That is because it most likely IS the women we saw saturday.

The big-jacket, tight-pants look with an afro is unfortunately taken. By the prostitutes!

Audun said...

zamg, what are they planning to fix by illegalizing it?

The drug addicts and such will still need money, and if they can't beg for it, they'll have to steal it instead.

I bet that was suggested by the same people that banned the drug addicts from "Plata"

Mab said...

Banning begging is useless. What are you gonna do, fine them? Nowhere to send it to, and they won't pay. Put them in jail for a few days? I don't think they would mind. Jail in European countries is more comfortable than a cheap hotel.

You can't punish someone who doesn't have anything. But you can deport the illegal ones and set up government work programs on large construction projects like the US did several decades ago. Don't give them a choice - give them a job and on-site accomodation!

Audun said...

I'm with Mab on this one

Tora said...


Witchieboobs said...

Your idea sounds nice Mab, but still, from what I've heard the plan is to ban it. To be honest, I want anything that can get rid of those lazy bums.

Audun said...

True. If you ban them, they'll just stop being poor and become legit businessmen :) You should realise this Querijn. (kvui-regn)

Foss said...

Dammit his name isn't Querijn, it's Mab. M - A - B, Mab.

Or sometimes Captain Thundercunt.

But mostly Mab.

Audun said...

And sometimes "Commander of the Hobo Army"

Tora said...

hobo juice.

Mab said...

Ah, yes, sorry, how could I be so stupid! I see the light now, Audun (smelly-flaps).

I too, do not recognise this Querijn you speak of. Perhaps, in a far past, when I still had a house and a job, and no hobo army, it would have rung (rung. rrrruuung. say it again. it's dirtay!) a bell. But I'll go with Mab for now. Add Uncle if you're <12 years old.

Audun said...

Rung. Ruuuuunnnnnnnng!

I feel so RUNG tonight.

Wanna rung with me baby?

Legend speaks of a time before the hobo reign, when rich, well-clad people ruled the cities and the hobos were forced to live in the streets and feel sorry for themselves. But out of that pitiful existence the Hobo Appreciation Movement arose (and was aroused, wohoo!), and although we still live in the streets, as all hobos shall, we are now self-confident and value ourselves equally with other people. And in front of this noble movement the Hobo Army marches endlessly unsteadily, with a pointed stick in one hand and a champagne-filled coffee mug in the other.

All hail Commander Mab! Hail!

Calu said...

The thing with Mab's idea is, that most of them will not be able to do most of the tasks given to them. And if they were to be able to do them, there quality of work, and quantity of work will be very poor and therefore it would have to be a goverment subsidized project, making many different things illegal aswell but on a different level.

Just my economical prospective..

Witchieboobs said...

Listen to the economy-dude, I say. :P

Mab said...

I can do economistetricalistics too ;)

Right now, as far as my country is concerned, we're getting unskilled Polish and other immigrants doing those jobs. They didn't study for it; they're no more skilled than any hobo. Additionally, homeless people haven't generally been homeless for their entire lives. They did something before that, so they do have some skills.

Plus, we're not talking engineering here. There are many specialist jobs; but simple machines need operating, trucks need driving, stuff needs to be carried from one place to another, all the way to toilets needing cleaning and lunch that needs to be served. There's zillions of unskilled jobs out there :)

And then there's always on-site learning! Homeless people aren't retarded (well, not all of them), they can be 'repaired'.

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