Night out

I'm just curious - where exactly on my forehead does it say that I take general interest in not patricularily beautiful men with very bad pick-up lines? No, I'm serious. It must say somewhere on my face, I'm sure. Just like it says somewhere on my behind that I prefer sleazy swedes with overtime at S.A.T.S. to grab hold of me.

And when you have told me exactly where these messages are spelt out - I will remove them. because they are faults, they are errors, they are not true! And any bald-headed bergenese monkey wishing to contradict - may do so, but will fail. Miserably.

Please, when this has been done, you must also tell me why there are no people in this city, and why all the purty guys have already been taken. Especially the one that looked like the lead singer in The Kooks, which was a shame. And then, after that, tell me where the creativity has gone when you tell someone to take a wild, crazy pick - and they return with Gin & Tonic.

Yeah, so, thanks a bunch. I believe that will explain a few things.

And -- Eeeeugh, hair smells like cigarettes. Blaeh!

Chocolate muffin? Sweet Corn and Chili Muffin?

Edit: And maybe they should read this guide.
Edit II: I want to go snowboarding again.


Foss said...

I'd have chosen hot chocolate with vodka and marmalade, sprinkled with worm heads.

Audun said...

Og et kilo med farin!

sig said...

har du et problem med sleazy swedes?

Witchieboobs said...

Nice guide. :P

And I haven't really seen anything written on your forehead, maybe it's written with invisible ink that only sleazy swedes can see :o

Tora said...

jeg har et oppriktig problem med sleazy swedes.

Audun said...

Har alltid ment at det er sleazy swedes som er problemet.
Sverige er jo mye større en Norge, de kan gå og være sleazy der.

Witchieboobs said...

Kanskje de blir steinet for å være sleazy der, Audun?

Glad jeg ikke er en sleazy swede, det må føles ganske nedverdigende.

Kida said...

Nei, hva sier du Tora?

Vinner vi et diplom eller?

Smylexx said...

so... this face leaves in ten minutes. be on it!!


sorry :o(

Smylexx said...

If i was redesigning the alphabet, i'd put U next to I... ahahaha..ahaha..ahahhahhaaaaa...ahem.



Anonymous said...

Did you just google terrible chat-up lines?

mini-Andy said...

I'd never be caught doing crap chat up lines. But then, I'm made out of papier mache and have no real functioning organs, but that's never stopped me from being a big hit with the ladies!

Norwegian post on my site for you by the way Tora and pals.

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