Snoodle snoodle

So what else is new? I can't wait to go to Singapore to visit Sigrid, I'm most excited. At the same time it appears I will have my hands full until then, Got some pretty massive assignments to do at school.

Do other people elsewhere in the world eat their bread with smoked mackerel or are we just plain weird here? If you don't, I can't blame you - it makes your burps taste funny.

It's snowing again, despite the fact that the weather on Sunday was delicious in every way, went for a walk aaaall the way to Kampen and looked at the beautiful old houses. (It's not really that much of a distance, but it's uphill all the way!) Of course I didn't bring my camera, but you know I'm kind of useless. At least it was very pretty bathed in sunlight and all the icicles massive and dangerous looming over the sidewalk - dripping conspiratorially.

There were people everywhere! Well, in a Norwegian way, so not crowded or anything. But people were skiing up around the church under the old trees, and both icerinks were covered in stiffly sliding children flapping their arms not to fall. It was a nice day, a very different take on Oslo from what I'm used to. I've always thought of Oslo as a tasteless, semi-soviet city of concrete and chewing gum. But the old part of town in which I currently live - there are so many adorable, brightly coloured wooden houses snuck together, it looks unreal, like Disneyland. Obviously we live in one of those concrete monsters, but you can't win every time. I'll bring the camera next time though, and show you!

I got this dragon for Christmas, that my dad brought aaall the way from Australia, and you can put a candle in it, so it looks great in the dark. Bleuhrg, mackerel. I better go drink some Biola to make it go away.


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