Made pizza with pineapple, and Helge had some beer

There's no more pizza!

I love these Buddah's, they're good company

Look at ma lamps! That nightlamp I got for Helge, if you push it on the head it glows green!

Scissors are important, and paint brushes and markers

That's a present up there, and some DVD's

My cupcake storage device, very sneaky. You think it is just a stale old cupcake, but it's not! It's full of treasure!

Books! Licorice, and that orchid that ought to be dead a long time ago, just saying.


Dusty. Could do with some cleaning! Clean clean! Any volunteers?
Spring is really nice, the smell in particular. Eaten a lot of strawberries. And had pancakes with banana Nutella and bacon. BNB Pancakes. Delicious. You ought to try it out.

I need to start doing stuff instead of watching Nigella and going "mmmh!"


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