I am so useless!

I just watched this video of this young man rescuing a baby hummingbird and for some reason that totally touched me and it made me cry. This means I am just not meant to be on the internet, it is to emotional for me.

haha! Oh Goodness gracious me.


Heather Mulholland said...

Isn't Bailey's absolutely delicious, nummm.

Btw - I love your blog name and the way you write, I had to pull myself away from reading to actually go get work done lol


Heather Mulholland said...

oooh just recalled you talked about xbox! I did purchase Skyrim in fact, but then December hit and I had all these projects I needed to get completed and off my plate so I'm only at level 2 :( Gah! Now I want to go play it and I still have 7 hours of work lol

Thanks ;)

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