The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Oh delight! Oh Joy!

There is definitely a lot of The Wind Waker in this one, the cell-shading, the bright colours and something about the lightness of atmosphere. But still all we can see here is gameplay related and there's nothing on the story yet! The puzzles in Zelda have always been the best bit, but solving them wouldn't have felt so important if the story hadn't been so immersive. So I am very excited about that, the story in Twilight Princess was stunning and beautiful and I cried at the end :(

I am so happy they are going along with the cartoonish cell shading, I loved the theme and the freedom of The Wind Waker, I spent hours just roaming around in the boat on the massive seas - feeling the wind in my ears. And I totally fell in love with the look - it was a very daring move at the time - as far as I recall it wasn't very popular, even with the fans, but most were able to set the graphical appearance aside and still appreciate it for the excellent game it was.

Skyward Sword has already received a lot of praise for its graphics, especially from Vooks.net that seems pretty in love after giving it a go hands on at E3. Crystal clear, sharp cell shading, with divine colouring. I'm excited about the music as well, nothing makes the cockles of my heart jiggle like the intro to Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The psycho theme of Major Mask can really make me shiver. And so many of the tracks for Twilight Princess were breathtaking too. Zelda is always a full package for me. Interesting level design, great puzzles, weird characters, polished gameplay, wonderful music and a delightful atmosphere.

Now we just have to think of a way to make the time pass while we're waiting....


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