My Fable II Adventure

I never thought I was going to be one of those puny nerds that sat drooling over Fable for long, intense hours. It's the roleplayinggames I have ever played - but on steroids. And I am completely obsessed with remaining pure and good. At least as much as I can. And I wouldn't have thought - either - that I was going to get married four times, of which twice to other women, become an artisan blacksmith (which took hours of mindless grinding) - or a parent. Twice.

But there you go. I married a villager that I bought a pleasant house for, and we had a son together. I then went off and married a thug in a dress with a club. I gave her her own house, but I was an idiot and didn't pay enough attention to detail. I'd put them in the same city district. so of course they found out about my bigami, took it very personal and divorced me. AND took the child, too, which I haven't seen since, and that I am still slightly sore about.

Then I married another thug with a coarse voice. She had big earrings and dark, soft hair - and a sword. Built like a carpenter. But it was love. And I gave her a ring, and my lush summerhouse. I paid her an outrrrrageous upkeep of 30 gold a day, and gave her a life way beyond her dreams. I gave her some new clothes, but she wouldn't wear them. She wanted to be my sturdy, slightly greasy and damp monsterwife.

I went away for ten years on a mission to save the kingdom, and my precious thug waited for me! I came back and she was there in our home! With a present! I could cry. The brute just loved me.

But I was hungry for more, I wanted kids, again - though having one womb each didn't make things easier it appeared. And so I married the noble Andrew. Funny and romantic. Gave me books for presents, wore a top hat, even on mondays. I'd just bought a new place - and I was extremely excited. But nerves from the past had me in a jitter, I was terrified they would find out, and it would all end in divorce once more. But even when they met (as I by mistake took Andrew for a romantic weekend in our summerhouse) - he wasn't at all surprised, he didn't even say anything. But my thug, she was furious and unforgiving. She divorced me immediately and left the region. She, who had waited for me for TEN YEARS. I'm a bitch.

I learned my lesson and remained true. I worked hard and bought us a manor that I decorated with luxurious items. We then had a child together and all was well. At least so far. You never know. I want more kids, but Andrew is slightly afraid of me, because I keep hitting the "cast spell" button when I am only trying to find out what his favourite present is again. But there you go. And that just about sums up my summer outside work. Well, with the exception of a few trips to the movies, some pints a concert and some dinners out.

What about you? How was/is your summer?


Foss said...

Based on your post, I've just ordered the game!

Tora said...

I am glad I inspired you to have a go! I "finished" it last week, or the main storyline that is. I would tell you all about it, but would hate to spoil the ending. So please do let me know if you feel eager to discuss!

Smylexx said...

When i played the game i decided to be purest evil. I would randomly attack the peasants then laugh and fart in their general direction.

No shop remained unpilfered and i took particular pleasure in zapping slaves in the evil wizard temple.

I've been practising my evil laugh for over a month and it's almost perfect. I can even swish my cloak about while i do it but for amateur evil-doers i would recommend not attempting this until you've had at least 12 advanced lessons in naughtiness.

Mwahahahaaaaahahahaaaarrrr!! ahem.

Foss said...

Smylexx, that's a good evil laugh. I especially like the piratey twist at the end.


Tora said...

Excellent! I have started my second play-through in which I will be mucho mean, and also do selfish things at the end!

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