Help needed!

Err, this is an old (quite disturbing) doodle I found that I did in Paint.NET in its day.

I absolutely love snailmail! It is so amazing! It is almost as good as lights, or as lights in different colours. But yes. You people need to help me out some, and I mean it this time. I need a good concept for my NaNoWriMo in November (and I am totally planning ahead, as usual - even though it has helped me SQWAT! before) But there you go. I am a person of irreversible bad habits, like craving sugar first thing in the morning, always cross the road looking both ways (even though I KNOW it's a one way street). But there you go, again. I can't help myself.

I just better never start smoking. Sorry, I'll stop raving -- now, to the point. Yes! I need a concept, ladies. That's what I'm saying. I am usually never stripped for ideas, I have a couple on hold, but none that seem deep enough if you get me. It has to be a 50 000 word-proof idea. And that proves easier said than done. Every year. It has to be novel material, and I guess that shouldn't be all that hard *cough*TWILIGHT*cough* but at the same time we can't all write swooning romantic vampire novels. I guess that would make us all senile.

So yes. I'm happy to take ANY idea, please. Be it funny, sad, fantastic - yes, or even romantic, if we have to. And usually, the more psychedelic the better. It is easier that way. Please you guys, I really could use some input if you hear me, and it can't be more True Blood, because we all know where that'll take me *cough*. Yes.


Tink said...

i think you should write about a Chinese chef, who's travelling around in the ancient china to come up with new, amazing and magical recipes. And on his journey he writes down what is to become the traditional "chinese-chef-sayings" (you, know, the ones you wrote in my cookbook)

Tora said...

haha! That's a great idea! The only thing I can seem to keep focused on would be food, indeed. Thank you SO much! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Smylexx said...
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Smylexx said...

Harry Otter and the Half-Eaten Chips:

In which our magical hero is joined by Ron Weasel for another exciting and completely original* adventure.

During his school year, Harry is startled by Professor Snake's bad breath and goes on a quest to find the mythical Halitosia-Mintolia.

Will Harry's tail be cut short when confronted by the dark wizard Moledemort and his mousey minions of the underworld?

*libel action possible

Tora said...


That is simply perfect!

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