Chocolate crumbs

And the other day (actually that was today, earlier today, just a few moments ago) I experienced that my chocolate was leaving crumbs all over. And I think "Oh! A Chocolate crumble!" but it's not. I know what you're thinking, it wasn't mice poop. I know you have rather low thoughts about my lodgings, but please...

Anyway, you are doomed if you get chocolate crumbs on you. Because when you try to pick it up - it melts right away. Right into the fabric. It truly is hopeless.

And I am faced with these situations on days like these when I have postponed this extremely awful assignment to the last moment and punish myself with chocolate. Because I deserve it.

Chocolate crumbs!


Tink said...

den filmen

Putt hele sjokoladen i munnen på en gang!

Smylexx said...

nice to see you appearing in Disney's Tangled. Bet you had to sleep with both Chip AND Dale to get that gig!

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