Chickens abroad

Now that I'm "done" with school, I feel relieved and weird at the same time. I am really going to miss it. Really miss it. I'm going to miss the airy spaces, the smell of sweat, being at school until late at night, working at projects. The inspiring (though tiny) library. The strange decor of the canteen, the smell of food. All the laptops humming, people playing Magic: The Gathering. I'm going to miss having classes early in the morning in the winter, when it's still dark. As will I miss having classes late in the day, also when it's dark. It's going to be so weird not being a part of that school. It's going to be weird telling people what I do, and I can't say "study game design!"

I'm going to miss having exams when the assignment allows me to write about "Pikmin" and "The Emperors New Groove". I'm going to miss all the people, even the ones I don't really know. But especially the ones I do know. I know we'll keep in touch, but it will be strange not to see you all the time.

The rain outside is sort of melancholic. Helge is playing L.A. NOIRE with me, and I love it. It's repeating itself, and it's really hard (especially the interviews! Phew!), but the story is getting increasingly interesting.

We have been watching too much Criminal Minds, I wake up at night from dreams of severed heads in plastic bags, and terrorist groups eradicating innocents. It's hard. I'm painting my brother and his lovely girlfriend a painting for their new apartment! Very exciting. The apartment, not the painting. Haha!

I had some nectarines for breakfast. They were juicy, but one had some mould on it, and I didn't notice until it was too late. Haha! *cough* sorry. My missing pages are being retrieved for me, I am so delighted.

Oh! Oh! And I had a looovely weekend in London with my beau, and it was exciting and calm at the same time. We walked around a lot, and went to the British Museum and saw Big Ben and stuff, because Helge had never been there before. So now the essentials are covered, when we return we can do other stuff! Yay! Not that I don't love British Museum! It is just a tiny bit overwhelming, no way to take it all in. Even after visiting several times. Wow! I insisted on taking some touristy pictures, even though they are lame, they are nice to show family and stuff.

That's me, in a telephone box. It smelled so much of wee... 

This is the view from our hotel!
This is my favourite. Big Ben AND Double Decker. PERFECT!

That's me again!
Here is Pimm's Lemonade and Crabbies. Haha! Crabbies. They were... Interesting.
Today I am cleaning the apartment! We were meant to do it yesterday, but because I have nothing better to do, I volunteered to do it alone so we could have a full day off together yesterday. Yay!

I sure am paying for my generosity right now.


Anonymous said...

Kew garden! I love Kew garden! I love it so much that when I returned the second time, I had to cry a little bit just inside the gates. Next time Tora, you have to go to Kew.
Tante Bister

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