I am here, and there are you

I have got to say I am a little jealous at the poor, messy, smelly souls that live in tents at the different festivals around Europe right now. God, why aren't we at Heineken Open'er for example? Cut Copy, Deadmau5, Prince, The Strokes, The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club are playing, to name a few! Whyy?

Whyy? And the atmosphere at Roskilde! I would love to be there right now, despite the filth. Really. I really would. Arctic Monkeys are there, and The Strokes, Portishead, Deadmau5 (craai), Jesus CHRIST, Deadmau5 is at Hove as well. It is NOT a funny joke. It is as if I am being avoided on purpose.

Mau5, this isn't funny. When are you playing in Oslo? Hm? Hm? HM?!

I am not sure why I am telling you this, or why I am telling myself this, for like the millionth time. I suppose it is some twisted kind of self-harming. It's not healthy to be dwelling on things that can't be done! Should rather be focusing on the things I have!

Like the biggest fly I have ever seen, that is sitting on my door right now. I have a really big fly, that's what I got. And a shopping list, a loooong one. Will stretch my arms by at least 10 cm carrying this stuff home.

But I also have an ice cream machine! GLORIOUS! That I got for Christmas... Which is like ... six months ago! And I still haven't used it. But it's in the freezer now, so tomorrow! Ah-hah! I will commence the ice cream making! Oh yes! Banana ice cream actually! Because I have a lonely overripe banana that cries silently at me when I open the fridge. And I just can't throw it out, because I feel so sorry for it.

Not one of my characteristics to over-empathize or humanize objects. Not at all. Just look at all my stuff, surely not a heap of junk acquired mostly because of "the package has glitter on it!!" or "nobody else wants it :( :( :(" or the classic "Look it is so ugly, it is cute. Naawh. It's ALL aloooonehh :( I HAVE to buy it".


And I have Nigella on Youtube! -- Even though I said I would stop that.

But I CAN'T. I am only human.


Foss said...

Yesterday I bought VIP tickets to this! www.globalgathering.com/2011/line-up

Tora said...

AARGH! No way. I was totally intentionally repressing that!

It is hardly fair. Though you DO deserve it! We were initially planning to go as well, but alas, there were other plans for us!


Tiril said...

Baaaah, deler tankene dine her altså! Men vil ikke tenkte på det... :P

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