I suggest you all Send Flowers to our Dearest Foss that has just recently been in a car accident!

On other notes, today it's May 30th and I am currently working on a project called "Skies" that involves lots of pictures of, yes, you guessed right, skies! I'm sure I'll show some off when I'm getting there :)

May is nearly over, the temperatures are supposed to rise here in Norway, but ever since May 17th the weather has been cold and wet. We did get a gew sunny days during the weekend, but it just isn't the same.

here is a picture from Hemsedal during May.


Foss said...

Today I'm going to Falmouth to meet a WoW guildie. Falmouth looks a bit like the place in your picture. Lovely.

Darkness visible said...

Wow, that's a lovely view Lya. It's wet and miserable where I am now :S

Which guildie btw Foss?

Foss said...

Callum. Used to play as Bernard, one of the scots from the kyawn/wyn/scortix group.

Today was fun :)

Foss said...

Oh, also Narg is coming to visit next week. Woot!

Tora said...

zomg, giev narg plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Darkness visible said...


Narg FTW! <3

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